Matthew's Big Blog of Adventure!

Sunday, January 23

Done with Interterm!

Business Communications is now behind me! I haven't gotten
my final grade yet, but I'm praying for the best. It was probably
one of the most practical classes I've taken yet, and I have
a nice thick reference notebook I made during class from our
assignments, notes, and syllabus that will come in handy
whenever I have to write something. :)

People are beginning to trickle in here at school now. There
were actually a couple sections filled up in the balcony this
morning in church where before we were stuggling to occupy
the lower level. Getting back into this whole singing thing after
the Christmas break feels a bit weird, but it's fun. :) Crista,
Joy, and James should arrive Monday after a whole
weekend of having fun without me back in Augusta. *pout*

In the meantime, we have a nice little break that we can
use to sleep... er... prepare for the start of the semester in a
couple days. Personally, I've been trying to get Windows XP
installed on an extra hard drive which IT claims is corrupt.
Maybe I'll just install FreeBSD instead. ;)

My friend Laura lent me some of her violin music so I could
play with the accompaniment. I haven't done any accompaniment
yet, but I know I will have at least a year required starting
next fall. My sight reading is really bad, so I'm hoping that it
will start to improve with lots and lots of practice. Maybe
I'll even get to play for some of the Chamber ensembles!

See ya!

Sunday, January 16


We are at the halfway point here in our two-week courses. Today, I got to spend some time relaxing in the Library's Media Lab watching "Empowering Appraisal:" it's a video about how to give annual appraisals in a positive, reinforcing sort of way. It was actually quite funny. On my way out the library, I saw an old friend and got to talk with him for a while. :)

After that, I practiced the piano some in my dorm's practice rooms. I made it through my Bach prelude (VIII, book II) remarkably well, though I think it was because I was zoning out. ;D

This week has been fun and useful. In class, we've written resumes and learned how to appropriately tailor them to a whole bunch of different job application situations. I'm looking for a Computer Science internship for this summer, so it's been really cool. Crista emailed me an 87-page long list of internship possibilities (which I printed off in the library.)

Gotta go!

Wednesday, January 12

Arrived at PCC!

Hey, Gang!

Dad and I arrived safely in PCC yesterday afternoon. Registration was really easy, and I get to stay in my regular semester room! This is great because now I don't have to move my computer desk now. :) Dad's return trip hom was delayed a little bit, because last night we found a nail in one of the Sable's tires. He took it to Walmart's auto repair center this morning, and they ended up replacing the entire tire.

In the meantime, Business Communications looks like it will be a really great course. I'm hoping that it will be nice and easy so I'll have time to practice the piano -- I'm supposed to play in two different competitions so far this semester and neither of the pieces is learned. 0:)

Gotta get to work!

Friday, January 7

Back to school again

It seems as though I have been home just a couple of days instead of three weeks. I went and got my hairs cut at the barbershop today.

Originally, we were going to take my friend Gretchen back down with us since she is taking the same Interterm course that I am (Business Communications,) but something came up and she is riding down with her parents: meaning I can take even MORE stuff! }:)

I'm cleaning at the same time so that James will have a clean place to stay when he stops through in two weeks. I really wish I had had time to go buy a shotgun case, but Walmart doesn't carry extra short ones -- my shotgun is really short for quick maneuvering. ;)

I'm still praying for a good summer job in Augusta. I would really like to get some Computer experience. I've a couple good leads, but nothing definite. Please pray!

By the way, is anyone still reading this? I'd like to know whether I should continue sending updates at school.

Tuesday, January 4

Looking for a summer job

Hey all!

Time grows short before I must return to school. Crista and I spent the evening at Miss Cindy's eating Chinese takeout and watching TV. :) It was so much fun! One of my favorite memories ever is watching movies while eating hot popcorn with M&M's mixed in. The M&M's juuust start to melt inside, and taste so good!

Tomorrow -- *looks at the clock* Ok, later today, actually -- I'm going to try to pierce the vast bureaucracies of several human resource departments in the area to find a Computer Science related job. I've already checked into a number of stores and companies, but haven't had any success yet. I was, however, able to talk to a good friend on Sunday, and she recommended quite a few good leads.

In other news, I'm hoping to pop in on my piano teacher tomorrow and play my repertoire from this past semester. She's having some sort of seminar at her house for the Augusta Music Teachers Association (AMTA) on Friday that I'm looking forward to as well.

Getting sleepy. Bye!