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Sunday, January 16


We are at the halfway point here in our two-week courses. Today, I got to spend some time relaxing in the Library's Media Lab watching "Empowering Appraisal:" it's a video about how to give annual appraisals in a positive, reinforcing sort of way. It was actually quite funny. On my way out the library, I saw an old friend and got to talk with him for a while. :)

After that, I practiced the piano some in my dorm's practice rooms. I made it through my Bach prelude (VIII, book II) remarkably well, though I think it was because I was zoning out. ;D

This week has been fun and useful. In class, we've written resumes and learned how to appropriately tailor them to a whole bunch of different job application situations. I'm looking for a Computer Science internship for this summer, so it's been really cool. Crista emailed me an 87-page long list of internship possibilities (which I printed off in the library.)

Gotta go!


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