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Monday, August 23


Well, I spent most of today playing the piano. I found the big box I had here at home, finally. It was in my room... I tell you what -- It'll take a while to get that thing clean if I keep taking days at a time to investigate some thing or the other I find there. I played all the 30's show tunes yesterday, and moved on to Classical today. I've got to brush up on the Pathetique for a Thursday/Friday open house my highschool piano teacher is having for her students.

My Hutchins and Rea order came in today! I got 15% off my entire order thanks to a special special they're having. I ordered Rhapsody in C by Dohnanyi, and Concertos I, II, and III by Beethoven.

After practicing, I got out to the bank to deposit the Subway cheques that (finally) came from Wyoming, picked up some Lexmark 70 ink for Mom at Staples, and browsed CompUSA. I found a 2-CD set of Schubert at Borders' Books and Music for just 13-ish dollars! Lili Klaus is so cool! She plays DV 664 so well! I MUST practice those runs before school starts! She also has some interesting ideas about how the Sonata is supposed to be played... but I'm not sure I like all of them.

Gotta go! My piano teacher is here! :)


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