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Thursday, July 29

Work work work

Well, the root beer is in the fridge after being in a "warm place" (the stove top) for two days. It's really neat how much the water jug I put it in has expanded. Too bad a hole popped in the handle, but I think it maintained enough pressure even so. Duct tape is wonderful! ;)

Peppered in this blog are some photos of what we've done in the cabin so far. Hope you like them!

The Great Room chandelierUncle David installing some more lodge pine wallsOur newly paneled loft ceiling -- it was just frame and insulation a day ago.

Tomorrow is my last day at Subway! It has been fun, but Crista is coming Sunday and I want to spend time with her and Uncle David. Besides going to Yellowstone Monday - Thursdayish. I'd like to take her hiking up where we rode those horses the other day... you know... the place with those streams and waterfalls. It would also be neat to go back up to Red Hill and see if all the wildflowers are still in bloom. And there's always the hustle and bustle of downtown Pinedale, population 1400. ;)

Speaking of Subway, two girls I took an order from today made a big deal of leaving me a "tip" of 13 cents. :) It was really quite funny. I felt like one of those cute little organ grinder monkeys getting a peanut! *sigh* To once again have such a high esteem for pocket change. ;)

Uncle David and I get to eat dinner at cousin Dave and Barbie's house tomorrow night! I'm getting off work around 4:00, and will head over to the library where Dave works to hang out until supper time. Their library is very beautiful and well-booked, especially considering the size of this town. It's nicer even than the Gibbs Library back home (which I think they're going to scrap in favor of a larger one near the new city center.)

Left side of the great roomRight side of the great room

Next Saturday, Crista, Uncle David, and I will all hopefully be out at the Cheyenne Regulators' monthly shoot in Cheyenne. This will be my first Cowboy Shoot! I have a shotgun now, but Uncle David is going to lend me the pistols and rifle. Best of all, we're doing it on my birthday! Yippee! 8)

The trip back to Boulder is a loooong one, however, so if we want to get in before 1:00am on Sunday morning, we should really leave before 4:00pm. Urgh. I'm really not sure how we're going to manage it, especially since I'm supposed to play for church. ()^_^

Wolfgang hangs out in the living room

In other news, I'm steadily working my way through my A+ Certifcation guide book by Mike Meyers. It's a fun read! I'm hoping to take the exam sometime in the two weeks before school starts when I return to Georgia. I still need to call the testing company to discover whether the $145 fee covers BOTH sections of the test or only one, though. Mr. Ham is looking at taking the test too, I think.

Uncle David and I just finished watching a NOVA video I rented from the library about the Panama Canal. It was fascinating, despite NOVA's efforts to exacerbate the issue of race. They said that the average "black" worker made just 10 cents a day, while the lowest paid "white" worker got $250 a month. Even NOVA admitted that the "black" workers' pay was considered high. I mean, even assuming that they got two days off every week in an average 30-day month, they would still be making $220 a month! That is NOT a big gulf, especially considering that the "black" workers from Barbados and other countries were performing unskilled manual labor and the "white" workers were all doing jobs that required considerable training (engineers, nurses, clerks, etc.) Why must everything be about race?

Anyhoo... it was a lot of fun to watch, but I've pushed my bedtime as far as it should go. Farther, actually. It's 10:55 here, mountain time, so I bid you good night. :)


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