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Thursday, July 8

Alive and kickin'

Hey Gang!

Arizona: Virgin River Gorge areaYes, I've finally updated the blog! This is really the first time since I left from Georgia a couple weeks ago that I've been able to sit down and read my email. Here's a quick update with photos... I'll fill in all the details from the beginning of the trip up until now sometime later. :)

Motorcycle swapmeet in CaliforniaI'm currently in Boulder, WY at my Uncle's cabin. He's in our closest town Pinedale today. It's 25 miles of dirt road away, so it's usually a full day deal when we go to town. So far today, I've finished stapling the plastic sheeting we're using to block moisture in the attic and some on the inside front of the house. The front window faces east, and is almost the entire 20-foot height of the ceiling, and is almost as long as the wall as well, giving us not only a nice bright house in the morning, but also a beautiful view through the aspen trees of one the mountains closing in the valley.

Little chapel of love... online!I set up the computer today too! ;) Uncle David and I went to Idaho Falls and bought it for a good deal (with mail-in rebates) at Circuit City. Though one day the computer will reside up in closet in the loft, Uncle David said that we should put it in my room since we're still making a lot of sawdust and my room is one of the few rooms with a door. :D

Colorado mountainsProbably shouldn't be amazed, but connecting to the Internet here is not a local call. Sure, America Online has nearly a dozen numbers in Wyoming (har har) but they all seem to be over in Cheyenne or other heavily populated areas. To put things in perspective, the city Providence, Rhode Island has a greater population than all of Wyoming. The 307 area code covers the entire state!

One of 16 bull elk we saw grazing at the foothills of the Rocky Mountain National ForestDespite, or perhaps because of, its lack of people, I really like this place. It is incredibly beautiful. Even when you're out on the plains, you can see the Rocky Mountains in the distance.

A fountain in Las VegasAnyhoo... back to our trip to Idaho Falls, we also got to go to the Sportsman's Warehouse. Uncle David introduced me to Cowboy Action Shooting at a Regional Match in Cheyenne. I LOVE IT! It's so cool! Why do the guns have to be soooo expensive!? He's made me a really good deal on a 12 gauge shotgun, so now I just have to find a pair of 45 or 38 special pistols and a rifle. *sigh* This definitely looks like a "once I've graduated" hobby. I heard a story about a poor guy who had to send his sword collection back home after his floor leader discovered it under his bed. A wild guess tells me they'd react similarly to a shotgun. :)

Cowboy Action Shooting jail in Chorro Valley, CAThe main reason for our trip out was actually to see Josh Prenevost. He was singing with his ensemble in Afton (about 120 miles away from Pinedale.) He looked surprised to see me. ;) He seems to be having a good time, and also seems to be enjoying all the new scenery. He mentioned that he had seen Janee when they went through Oregon(?). I'm hoping that once they're done meandering around the east side of WY, they'll hop back and visit the church in Pinedale we're going to.

Purdy Arizona MountainsSpeaking of church, tomorrow (Friday), Uncle David and I are planning to go to the men's breakfast. This will be the first actual time that I've gone to this church. My Dad's cousin Barbie and her husband Dave go there too, and seem friendly, good Christian people. It doesn't look like I'll have to worry about the church being "like Mormons". ;D

We've really been roughing itAfter the breakfast, I will hopefully be able to try out their grand piano. Just like email, I haven't touched a piano since leaving Augusta. My right wrist really hurts just now from sanding three dining room chairs, but I'm hoping a little asprin, water, sleep, and stretching excercises will get it better for tomorrow. :)

Utah. 'Nuff said.Will update again soon. I have a lot of pictures, but I managed to run out of room, so I don't have any digital pictures of after we crossed Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. It's a real shame, because there was a lot to see at the Cowboy Shoot!

>^o^< Thanks for watching! >^o^<


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