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Thursday, June 10

Cleaned and saw Uncle Bill

Today we cleaned up the house a little bit -- especially the breezeway where the kitties have been staying. Charlotte did an excellent job mopping the floor and dusting, while I lent moral support to Dad who was mounting the 10 CD changer in the Explorer. ;)

Later, we drove out to Freetown and visited a while with Uncle Bill. He's building a concrete house with those styrofoam molds. It's turning out quite nicely, actually. Concrete is a good insulator, so winters should be nice and cheap. It was really hot yesterday (almost 90 degrees,) but today was beautifully cool around 70, I think. He said that the basement of his house has been 40 degrees ever since winter! 8O

Other than that, the cats are getting bigger again. Two of them got into a hissy-fit over the food dish tonight. That's all the excitement up here. I'm going to bed now so I can watch Reagan's funeral tomorrow morning. (I think it's at 10:30am, but you can never be too prepared.)


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