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Tuesday, June 1

Fun in Boston

Wow! Today was fun! My uncle Kyle and we drove up to Boston today to see the Medford City Parade! My Aunt Charlotte lives in Medford, a city in/near Boston, and teaches music there to some kids at two of the Catholic schools. Unfortunately, Aunt Betty and Grandpa weren't able to come because Grandpa wasn't feeling well this morning. Before we left, Charlotte got to ride on Uncle Kyle's Harley to the convenience store to pick up ice for the watermelon and drinks we were bringing for the shindig at my aunt's house after the parade. I guess Dad and I are the only ones now not to ride it. :)

 Lil sis rides Uncle Kyle's Harley  Boston from the highway  A neat bridge on which we drove

We camped out under some nice shady oaks -- a little too shady we soon discovered as the wind was very cold and strong! The parade officially started at 1:00pm, but we were toward the end of the route, so it started for us at almost 2:00 on the nosey. Those kids must have been so tired! It took the parade another hour to pass us! It was a lot of fun! I haven't seen a big parade since we moved from Maryland in 1996. Here, there were fire engines, live bands, polticians seeking reelection, and a mind-boggling number of bagpipers and drum and bugle corps. Dad was in heaven!

 Bagpipes: Early Celtic Psyops  Aunt Charlotte walking with her bands  One of dozens of firetrucks in the parade  A couple colonial piper and reenactment groups were there too  No parade is complete without horses!  This cycling family were playing pipes, riding hands free.  BANG!

After the parade, we scurried back over to my Aunt's house for some supper out in the backyard with some friends. The food was great! I cooked the burgers and hotdogs, but Aunt Charlotte's friend Seta's mom, Anoush, made some delicious stuffed mushrooms, and Aunt Charlotte had prepared a whole bunch of other good stuff too! I can't begin to tell you how good it is just to hang around and do nothing.

 The first time I was up to visit my Aunt at this house, we did a lot of planting and earth moving back here. Aunt Charlotte transformed a mound of dirt into this. :)  Charlotte enjoys the weather  Aunt Charlotte and her friend Seta play with my aunt's psycho poodle, Bunny

Well, we finally had to leave late in the afternoon... a fine day  Goodbye, Boston well-spent. Among the two-day drive up to Massachusetts, and the 1-hour trips both way to Boston, I've managed to get through about 55% of the Programming Java 2 book I brought with me. :D

Ah... pure relaxation!

I can't wait for tomorrow! I'll take try to take some picture of the cove, but it looks like cold, cold, rain for most of the day.

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