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Monday, May 31

Arrived in Massachusetts

Hey, gang!

 Virginia is so beautiful! Well, we made it up here safely. I got a lot of Shenandoah photos of the trip up through I81 and 80. Ok, so I'm jealous of Matt Stephens now... I want to live in Virginia once I graduate. I'll find myself a little place up in a remote corner somewhere, get a couple high speed Internet lines... ;D

The trip was pretty uneventful -- we drove all day the first day... didn't even need to stop long for lunch since we got submarine sandwiches from Publix. (Those subs are soooo good! Even better than Boar's Head!) We stayed overnight at a Red Roof Inn in Hagerstown, MD, and then set off yesterday morning for Swansea, MA.

It's so beautiful up here! The weather is so clear and cool! The Sunday before we left home, it reached 99 F back in some parts of Augusta. We're going up to Boston in a couple minutes to go see my Aunt's parade. She's a music teacher up in Medford (a suburb in Boston) and all her band students are getting to play! I'm brining my camera and have freshly recharged batteries, so I'm hoping to post some up in a day or so.

I'll keep ya posted!


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