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Tuesday, May 25

Typhoid Mary... ties

I was just skimming through the news when I saw this one. Apparently, there is now concern that doctors are spreading disease with their ties. Microorganisms apparently latch onto the material and spread through the hospital since doctors only wash their hands.


  • Hi Matthew!
    Hey! Your "Matthew Royal Chronicle" is great!!!!! Lot's of fun! I'm sure the whole gang will enjoy seeing your updates, photos, etc!!!!!! You must have spent a long time working on it! Why not add a recipie section?... or an "Ask Matt" help column?... or... well I don't know! You're a creative person! I'm sure you'll come up with lots of kooky stuff to put on there this summer!!!! ;-]
    Here's the first questing for your "Ask Matt" article. What's a "dodeca major"???? And.... how many years does it take to get a degree in it?!
    Another comment to the PCC Update. THEY KILLED, CHOPPED DOWN, AND DESTROYED the Bradford pears???????????? I'm going to complain! I loved those trees! ;-(
    Ok, enough impute from your readers!!!! ;-] Take care, and get some R&R now that school is officially over!!!!!!!!!! Congradulations!!!! Britt*

    By Blogger BritishBritt, at 2:53 AM  

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