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Thursday, June 10

Old news, but good news

MeowHey gang! I forgot to post a message yesterday despite the thrilling updated photos of the kittens. (Yes, how COULD I!) I don't think it's my imagination -- Charlotte was remarking on it too -- they seem bigger than they were yesterday! The gray ones are now almost exactly the same size, but the black one is just slightly larger than before.

They are really growing on me! Tonight, two of them decided just to walk on top of me and fall asleep while we were watching President Reagan's wake. The kittens really love to climb! I was out in the yard yesterday with everyone and the gray one climbed up my leg and arm to sit on top of my head. Maybe I could sneak one of them back with me to school!

Kitten headKittens on the swingCat in the tree

In other news, the trap caught another possum. I really have no clue whether we'll ever get a racoon. Those pesky critters keep breaking into the greenhouse, smashing pots and vases, and shredding or eating valuable plants.

I bought a puzzle at Building #19, and we've been working on it off and on. I got the one that looked the most difficult (an old city scene) and got more than I bargained for. The easiest part of this puzzle was the sky. }:/ I never knew that muddy streets could be so tricky to piece together!

Possum II: Return of the VarmintsCharlotte and Aunt Betty working on the puzzle

Uncle Eddie came up from New Jersey and visited with us today. It was really good to see him again. He completed the horse painting he was working on when we last saw him, and has started all sorts of new, ambitious projects.

I finished a book today: The Dilbert Principle, by Scott Adams. On a scale from 1 to 10, I rate it "ok." I enjoyed the comic strips that spruced its pages, but it seemed a bit whiny to me after the first couple chapters. He made some interesting points though. At the end of the book, he proposed a new management plan in which the company that doesn't bug its employees with "motivation" or special awards and programs intended to boost creativity, and lets them go home at 5:00. *yawn*

Time to get back to my Java 2 book! So many neat ideas keep popping into my head while reading that book. Got to find a notebook...


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