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Thursday, June 3

An afternoon around Cambridge

We got a slightly later start off this morning than I expected, but we arrived in plenty of time to meet Aunt Charlotte in Medford. We took the city bus (90 cent fare now!) in to Harvard Square and spent some time shopping around, seeing the sites, and eating good food. It's really unbelievable how many Thai restaurants have sprung up in the area!

Bus stop in HarvardA statue in BostonTea store

We visited our favorite foreign-language bookstore, Schoenhof's, and I picked up a set of 448 Kanji flashcards in order to help me practice my Japanese. Mom bought a rather large stack of German books -- including some kids books, I think -- for the German class she's teaching at Evans Christian Academy this fall. A couple of elementary Japanese storybooks fell into our bag too, though I'm not certain whether Mom or Charlotte was responsible. ;)

We walked a couple blocks back to Medford, stopping in at some of the neat little shops. My favorite was the Greek bakery! They had all sorts of good pastries, breads, and jams. Sorry, Crista, we couldn't resist picking up a box of baklava! The Weather Channel had said yesterday that it was supposed to rain all day today, but it was really sunny and pleasant until the very end. It started raining two blocks from the truck, but we made it in just in time before the downpour! Later, Uncle Kyle and I let a possum trapped by the racoon trap go over on the other side of the river(?).

Greek pastry shopWe JUUUST managed to make it back to the Explorer before it started to pour!We caught a possum in the trap set for the racoons that live under the brown shed.

Pretty cool all in all. :) I wish all of you guys could have come with us! It was grand! Mom and Charlotte visited their gourmet chocolate shops, and found a new destination in one of the train depot turned shopping centers: Tokyo Kid. I'm just glad we got out of there alive and solvent. ;D

That's all folks!


  • Hurrah for language lovers! Hurrah for Frau Royal and German class! I take a German placement test(!) at the college next week (as does BH, methinks). And speaking of German books... I just bought Anne Frank's diary in German. Very cool. Keep up all that fun y'all are having up yonder. -Zoe

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