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Wednesday, June 2

Books, jeans, and a crayola sunset

Grandma's garden blooms fully.Spring is in full bloom now in Massachusetts. I was telling Sarah in an email how the light up here in the north (both Virginia and now especially Massachusetts) seems so much more brilliant and colorful than back home in Georgia. It's probably just me de-stressing; I think I'm really starting to enjoy myself. :)

Charlotte and I went shopping today with Mom and Dad at Building #19 (our favorite discount store,) and I got some new heavy-duty jeans for Wyoming. Later, Dad, Charlotte, and I headed off to Bargain Books and got several bags' worth of new reading material. Charlotte is a faster reader than I, but I managed to finish one of her new books this evening. It was a very enjoyable read.

Went on a a great walk with my parents today too. We strolled down to the cove and got to see all the plants and flowers -- they're so rich and green and colorful! The tide was the highest I've ever seen it. The weatherman was saying the full moon is a "strawberry moon": one best for harvesting. I saw some guys out in a field today removing the plastic they'd set on the ground to warm their corn... perhaps it's good for other things too.

Well, I need to try to sleep now. We're getting up eightish tomorrow morning to leave for Boston again. We'll get to spend the entire morning, and most of the afternoon with our aunt again, and I think Mom and Charlotte are hoping to visit our favorite foreign-language bookstore, Schoenhof's. They're having a 21% off sale on German and French-related materials ending tomorrow! What fortuitous timing! Mom will be so excited!



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