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Saturday, June 19

Brain transplant and ... retraining! }:)

Hey, ya'll!

I've transferred a good portion of the contents of my hard drives (about 15 gigabytes as of right now) across the network to Mom's new computer! I had been backing up all of my data on CD-Rs, but I realized it would be too expensive to complete the process. I had burned 15 CDs before coming to this realization. 8O Windows has just given me too much guff this school year. There was a time when it wouldn't boot up right, and it STILL won't let me use my CD-ROM drives! Thank goodness I have Linux on this PC too! I'm going to wipe the sucker clean and install Mandrake Linux 10.0 exclusively -- none of this dual-boot nonsense anymore!

Speaking of brains, I've been looking at neural networks in the past few days. Neural networks are based on observations of the interactions in real human or animal brains. Each nerve cell is essentially a little processor, and has a lot of fault tolerance when it comes to processing signals. While I really don't like statistical modelling when it comes to language, I can't help but think that some of the techniques I've been reading about could be useful in at least PART of my diagramming program. It's neat how so many new, but related ideas start popping into your head when you read this stuff! Kinda fascinating the idea that the computer itself can find patterns in your data without you specifically telling it what to find!

Crista, Charlotte, and I went grocery shopping tonight for a grand Fathers' Day feast we are going to prepare for him. We poked and prodded a whole buch of meat! Looking over past the cow and pig, I saw the price tag on lamb. So expensive! Why do all the really good-tasting things have to be that way!? It would be so cool to raise sheep! Too bad the neighborhood covenants -- and county zoning -- expressly forbid keeping livestock.

I found my camera! Someone had put it on top of Mom's book by the front door. Here are a couple pictures: straight out of the box from Newegg, and one of it in *deep echoing voice* OPERATION.

Right out of the boxIt's ALIIIIVE!!!

That's all for today! I had had a vain wish of getting to bed before 12:00 tonight, but I guess I watched too much Stargate among other things. ;D



  • Hi Matthew!
    Wow! Sounds like you have been keeping busy!!!! Guess you're in California by now! How do you like it? Have you been able to go to the beach yet? By the way, if you really want to know, NORTHERN California is really where it's at! ;-]
    Getting a bit mixed up with your itinerary! Are you going camping with the Corlisses and company in CA? How was working for you uncle?
    Well, anyway, glad to hear that Schubert has been behaving himself!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!! ;-] Take Care!
    Signing off for now, Britt

    By Blogger BritishBritt, at 2:53 AM  

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