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Tuesday, June 15


I ran across an interesting piece in the BBC today... Invisibility cloaks! They're still in the developing stages, of course. Mostly, the creator is looking for applications such as letting crowded cube-dwellers enjoy the outdoors without having an actual window. While this seems a hideously expensive alternative to me, I guess the Japanese go for this kind of solution. After all, in all of the Godzilla movies I've ever seen, instead of building a giant wall around Tokyo, or perhaps creating some other giant monster deterrant, they simply rebuild the city instantaneously the next day.

I guess it's good for the economy! ;D

The good news is PCC will have email and limited Internet access this fall. I'm hoping to maintain contact with all you folks once I get to school! I should still be accessible via, though.

I'm really beginning to itch for Wyoming. I cannot WAIT until I can get to work! Keep in touch!


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