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Thursday, June 17

Fixed my computer

Well, my computer case arrived today via FedEx. If you're not a computer geek, you can safely skip these first two paragraphs. ;) I'm really pleased with's quick shipping and low price. I got a fairly nice case for a total of $46 including shipping. It didn't take very long to get here either! I ordered the case online Sunday night, and it got here Wednesday afternoon with neither special shipping options nor extra money for Newegg to "expedite" my order.

The case has a clear side panel so you can see all your computer's innards (and soon, probably the dust that will collect as I neglect it at school.) In the center of the window, it has a neon fan which glows red/blue/purple serving both to keep me up at night (not that I need it's help ;D) and to prevent my system from overheating again. In my old case, the CPU was running easily over 100 degrees Fahrenheit! I took some photos, so I'll put them up tomorrow sometime. :)

I sat in with the teens again at the assembly. Mark went over angelology from the Bible Doctrines For Today book published by (surprise!) A Beka Book. I think Crista is the one that suggested it. I'm slated to take it next semester as a night class, and am really looking forward to it now that I've had an opportunity to take a look at some of the material.

Speaking of Bible doctrines, Dad talked to Uncle David in Wyoming yesterday (Tuesday,) and it sounds like Uncle David has been going to the same church that some of my other relatives (Dad's Dad's brother's daughter and family whom I've never met) are attending. He says that they're "Southern Baptist, but a sorta like Mormons." :O

Uncle David says it would be okay for me to practice on their grand piano while I'm out there. :) I've been enjoying playing the piano so far this summer and am fairly pleased with the progress of my Schubert piece.

Rounding this post off with more geekiness, it looks like there have been a couple more experiments on entanglement. In tandem with the German quantum computer simulator[translation from German], perhaps quantum computer development will progress faster than anticipated! I just finished downloading the three CD set of Mandrake Linux 10.0! I'm so excited! I'm going to finish backing up all of my data off of my computer Tilde, and then I'm going to wipe both hard drives and run exclusively Linux! I already have all of the applications I'll need (like StarOffice and WINE.) I'm planning on running Windows inside a virtual machine and dedicating one hard drive to just Windows files to be accessed from outside the virtual machine. This way, if Windows crashes, I'll only need to reinstall it inside the virtual machine, and all of my application files won't even need to be restored from a backup!

Ahh, technology! :*) AAAHH!! Look at the time! I've got to take Grandma's cat to the vet tomorrow! Good night!


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