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Monday, July 26

Camping, riding, and more electrical work

Hey gang!

Sorry for the week-long or so silence. It's been a blast! Last weekend, Uncle David and I went camping with Dave and Barbie up past Red Cliff Bible Camp and had a great time. We didn't see a whole lot of wildlife bigger than a tree squirrel, but I did see some fresh moose er... tracks.

Riding along...

This weekend, we went riding on some of the Boulder Lake Lodge's horses up a trail into the Wind River mountains and into Bridger's Wilderness area. It was so beautiful! And I remembered my camera this time! ;)

Cowboy MattTypical Wyoming sceneryOur destination: Lake Ethel

Unfortunately, most of my pictures were a little blurry. I guess the horse bumped a lot more than I thought it did! It was a 3 hour ride to Lake Ethel and back. Everyone was telling me that the next morning I would be discovering muscles I never knew I had, but I felt fine! ("Ah, youth" quoth cousin Dave.)

A nice stream at which we stopped for our horsesA Rocky Mountain waterfall

Also this week, I got to work at Subway! It's been a lot of fun, but unfortunately, while this week is only my second week, it must also be my last. Crista will be flying in from Albuquerque after a (hopefully) successfull trip to Trona and Sequoia National Park (near Death Valley) to visit some friends. When Daniel and I were roommates, he told me a lot of stories about the surrounding landscape. I'm kind of jealous that I wasn't able to make it out there too, but I did of course get to spend all this time with my Uncle, which more than makes up for it! :)

So far today, I've done a bit more electrical work here at the house. I moved a light fixture over two studs so it was closer to the door, and added another fixture on the other side of the door off the same light switch. Also, I mostly installed two floor receptacles. Mostly because it's REALLY dark down in the crawlspace! It was pretty creepy at first, but I managed to get more or less comfortable down there. I wasn't able to complete the work because the light bulbs are connected to the same circuit that I need to connect the receptacles to -- the sump pump outlet. Nyargh! It's really dark and I don't think I can complete the wiring job without some sort of light -- we don't have a drop light here. I'm hoping Uncle David will feel up to holding the flashlight for me so I can connect it tonight. In the meantime, the two outlets are already wired and ready to go... I just have to drill some holes and screw them down to the floor. hehe ()^o^

Well, gotta go now... I'm going to experiment making some root beer with some concentrate I found in Faler's General Store. If it works, maybe I'll bring some to college and prep some for midterms and finals!


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