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Thursday, July 15


Hey all!

I've been having great fun here at Uncle David's house installing electrical outlets. Receptacles and light switches are so easy to install! And fun too! Maybe Mom and Dad will let me install a couple dozen new ones at home. ;)

Hit my left index finger pretty hard with a hammer trying to get the box nailed into the stud, but despite a nice little gray spot and general numb feeling, I'm sure my finger will be fine in a couple weeks or so.

By the way, I've been enjoying the emails you guys have sent me... please keep sending!

The other day, we were in town again. I got to play the piano a little bit -- not as good a session as my first one, but oh well. :) I decided that there wasn't enough for me to do when I'm in town waiting for my uncle to get off work, so I went job hunting. You are now reading the rambles of a future Subway employee! ;D This should be interesting.


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