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Saturday, July 10

Safety in Wooden Walls

Soda LakeHey gang! Uncle David and I hiked to Soda Lake this morning, and boy was it beautiful! Everything was so nice and green! I had never been in a Wilderness area before. My uncle brought a GPS device with us: I'd like to get one now, though since I don't really travel that much during most of the year, it would probably just happily blink the location of my PCC dorm room 24/7. It seems such a shame to prevent us hummings from using that wilderness land very much. For a while, they wouldn't even let in wheelchairs! But anyway, it was a great experience.!

On our way back, we met some of the neighbors in the area here. They're really nice people, and have lived here for upwards 25 years! Ken said that he was the one who originally made the trail we took (out of the original Indian trail) with his trusty chainsaw (before the Wilderness Act, of course.)

Another Soda Lake photo with Wolfgang hunting around some trees.The view from the cabin's front windows

Returning from our little jaunt, we completed a little bit more work on the cabin. My uncle has sawn tongues and grooves into quite a few wooden boards for walls, and most still need to be put up; we connected and nailed just under a dozen today. We did, however, complete the upstairs bedroom, and get quite a bit of the existing walls coated with polyurethane sealer.

To change the subject, our drive out to Wyoming was absolutely marvelous. My Uncle thought I was really funny -- I had the window down and my head out almost the entire way! I was exclaiming at how beautiful Nevada was and he was just rolling his eyes. ;) Las Vegas was certainly a change from its sparse surroundings. I got a picture of the largest thermometer in the world in that state too, I think. :D

Well, it's time to turn in for the night. I'm going to my Uncle's church tomorrow morning. I went to the men's prayer breakfast on Friday and it seems like they're a really good gang.

Stay cool!


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