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Saturday, July 31

Hanging around


Well, yesterday was my last day at Subway. It was fun while it lasted, but I'm really not sure that I want to do something like that again. I definitely would like to be able to get that computer internship next year. (hope hope) Denise, my boss at Subway, wanted me to stay, and was asking me if I'd be coming back next summer. :D Everybody keeps asking me that!

I stayed here at the cabin today, working on various things. I feel like I did not get much done today. I sanded and put the final coat of polyurethane on the washroom door, the wall segment by the front door, and all the light switch and electrical receptacle face plates. Also, I applied the first coat of varnish to all of the loft ceiling and the walls that we have up so far. I ran out of staples for the staple gun, so I wasn't able to finish putting up the plastic sheeting that goes over the insulation on the other walls. :(

At lunch today, I broke my minesweeper speed time for Expert! Under 100 seconds now! Whoopee!!! 8D

Got my minesweeper score down to 99 seconds!

Made some deviled eggs tonight... they don't taste quiiiite right though. I think I was supposed to use sweet relish instead of dill. (oops) Well, now I know.

Uncle David and I will be hanging around the house tomorrow. We'll probably wash the Bronco and clean out the Dodge so it'll be all nice and sparkly for when we pick up Crista from the airport Sunday. It surely sounds like she's been having fun out in the Mojave! ;D

That's all for today, folks!


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