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Friday, January 7

Back to school again

It seems as though I have been home just a couple of days instead of three weeks. I went and got my hairs cut at the barbershop today.

Originally, we were going to take my friend Gretchen back down with us since she is taking the same Interterm course that I am (Business Communications,) but something came up and she is riding down with her parents: meaning I can take even MORE stuff! }:)

I'm cleaning at the same time so that James will have a clean place to stay when he stops through in two weeks. I really wish I had had time to go buy a shotgun case, but Walmart doesn't carry extra short ones -- my shotgun is really short for quick maneuvering. ;)

I'm still praying for a good summer job in Augusta. I would really like to get some Computer experience. I've a couple good leads, but nothing definite. Please pray!

By the way, is anyone still reading this? I'd like to know whether I should continue sending updates at school.


  • You know, it really HAS been 3 weeks(approximately)! Wow... Well, I guess that means we'll get to terrorize you personally soon! HAHAHA!!!!
    Enjoy your trip, and stay safe!

    (Armored Personnel Carrier :-D)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:15 AM  

  • Yes, dear, we are reading it! :-)

    ;-0 Anon E. Mouse

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:38 PM  

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