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Thursday, August 26

Open House

I just got back from my piano teacher's open house! It didn't go half bad! I started with The Light of the World is Jesus, arranged by Mark Hayes, and then played Alexander Tcherepnin's Bagatalle No. 3, and Beethoven's Pathetique, movement 1. Thank you for the prayers, John and Joy, they really helped!

In other news, the Sekeraks arrived last night, and will be staying until Sunday, I believe. They just moved to Huntsville, AL from New Mexico. On their way, they stopped at a airline lost luggage store -- the place all unclaimed bags and contents go. Angie bought a really nice camera for her Photography course this coming semester (she also attends PCC.) Today, she went to see a friend who owns a Photo shop here in Augusta to get the rest of the parts she needs. While she still needs a filter or five, I think she's almost all set. She's out testing the camera by taking some pictures of the neighborhood right now.

I joined Distributed Proofreaders today! It's a group that checks OCR'd ebooks for errors for Project Gutenberg. It looks like a lot of fun! I just wish that we had unfiltered Internet access at school: I was talking to John tonight -- who is also in Pensacola, but working on a second undergrad degree from Univerity of Florida -- and he said that the impression he got from some summer workers he had met was that the 'net access would be about like we had in the Library before. Meaning, even the Entertainment and Sports sections on CNN are blocked out. *sigh* Ah well. It would have been too much of a distraction anyway. :)

See ya!


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