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Tuesday, August 31

Linux Unwired

Qa'pla! I finally got my Linksys WUSB11v2.6 wireless network adapter working with Linux! There were a couple of issues I had to work through in order to get everything working right -- namely changing over from usb-uhci to uhci and figgerin' out how to get the package to compile right under a 2.6 kernel. It even works after rebooting! Yay! Now the long gray cable that's been tripping everybody as they come up the stairs is gone! Let's see if they notice tomorrow morning! ;)

Thursday, August 26

Open House

I just got back from my piano teacher's open house! It didn't go half bad! I started with The Light of the World is Jesus, arranged by Mark Hayes, and then played Alexander Tcherepnin's Bagatalle No. 3, and Beethoven's Pathetique, movement 1. Thank you for the prayers, John and Joy, they really helped!

In other news, the Sekeraks arrived last night, and will be staying until Sunday, I believe. They just moved to Huntsville, AL from New Mexico. On their way, they stopped at a airline lost luggage store -- the place all unclaimed bags and contents go. Angie bought a really nice camera for her Photography course this coming semester (she also attends PCC.) Today, she went to see a friend who owns a Photo shop here in Augusta to get the rest of the parts she needs. While she still needs a filter or five, I think she's almost all set. She's out testing the camera by taking some pictures of the neighborhood right now.

I joined Distributed Proofreaders today! It's a group that checks OCR'd ebooks for errors for Project Gutenberg. It looks like a lot of fun! I just wish that we had unfiltered Internet access at school: I was talking to John tonight -- who is also in Pensacola, but working on a second undergrad degree from Univerity of Florida -- and he said that the impression he got from some summer workers he had met was that the 'net access would be about like we had in the Library before. Meaning, even the Entertainment and Sports sections on CNN are blocked out. *sigh* Ah well. It would have been too much of a distraction anyway. :)

See ya!

Monday, August 23


Well, I spent most of today playing the piano. I found the big box I had here at home, finally. It was in my room... I tell you what -- It'll take a while to get that thing clean if I keep taking days at a time to investigate some thing or the other I find there. I played all the 30's show tunes yesterday, and moved on to Classical today. I've got to brush up on the Pathetique for a Thursday/Friday open house my highschool piano teacher is having for her students.

My Hutchins and Rea order came in today! I got 15% off my entire order thanks to a special special they're having. I ordered Rhapsody in C by Dohnanyi, and Concertos I, II, and III by Beethoven.

After practicing, I got out to the bank to deposit the Subway cheques that (finally) came from Wyoming, picked up some Lexmark 70 ink for Mom at Staples, and browsed CompUSA. I found a 2-CD set of Schubert at Borders' Books and Music for just 13-ish dollars! Lili Klaus is so cool! She plays DV 664 so well! I MUST practice those runs before school starts! She also has some interesting ideas about how the Sonata is supposed to be played... but I'm not sure I like all of them.

Gotta go! My piano teacher is here! :)

Wednesday, August 18

Back and Bumming

Hey again!

Well, Crista and I arrived safely home again. We flew out of Rock Springs, WY about 6:45am MT, and after a short layover in Denver, we arrived in Atlanta around 2:20pm ET. The carpet guys came today and installed the new carpet in the living room and dining room. The reason for the new carpet and paint jobs in some of the rooms is earlier this year during the spring semester, a large storm came through and knocked several branches off our drought-stressed trees. I think there were a total of 5 or 6 limbs sticking through the roof after that one. The roofers were able to replace it in only one day, but this whole INterior process has proved much more of an ordeal.

Anyhoo... I've gotten to fix some problems with some friends' computers, and have tried to get most of the items that I need for school. I still have three weeks, but it'd be nice to relax for a change just before leaving. ;D

I was talking to John -- who is already in Pensacola for his second degree with the University of Florida, I believe -- the other night, and he was able to give me the formulas for regressions. I've been looking all OVER the 'net for them, so I'm really thrilled! So far, the analysis tool I've written handles linear and logarithmic regressions flawlessly. I still have to work out the bugs on the exponential and power regressions... for some reason, the A value doesn't want to come out right, even though it's the same basic formula the logarithmic function is using. *sigh* Oh well. Anyway, so far it's just a command prompt program with different argument switches, but I'm planning on adapting it into a module which will perform each type of regression by default and automatically compare the R^2 values in order to find the best fit to the data points.

Last night, I completely rearranged my room. The computer is set up, but I haven't booted it yet, meaning that all of this has been done on my Mom's computer with a free C++ compiler I downloaded called lcc. It's actually quite nice and light-weight, but I think she'll be happy to have her computer back soon. :)

The piano spent most of the day in the kitchen with all of the other furniture, so I wasn't able to practice as much as I would have liked. I got a little done last night, but I suppose I really should start again in earnest in preparation for the semester. I need to find some time to get down to Power's Pianos and rifle through their sheet music collection. Mom has already promised me the use of her ragtime book this semester, and I want to borrow some of her men's quartet and singing group folios as well in hopes of getting something going in my collegian.

Got the prescription for my contacts/glasses today too. Hopefully, I'll get new contacts in a couple days. The doctor there gave me a set of Acuvue 2's to wear, so now I have two sets to last me.

Well that's all the news I can think about now. I should go to bed now.

Saturday, August 14

Off for home!

Well, we're leaving this afternoon for the airpot at Rock Springs. We're spending the night at the Motel 6 there, and will leave tomorrow morning precisely at 6:45-ish. Crista and I managed to convince Uncle David to take Wolfgang along! (yay!) :) After a short stop in Denver, we'll arrive in Atlanta around 1:00pm Eastern Standard Time. Guess it's time for school again. ;D

Wednesday, August 11

A Week Awandering in Wyoming

Hey again!

My sister Crista flew into Rock Springs this past Sunday, and things have been very busy ever since! We left Monday morning for Yellowstone and spent three days there touristing like there was no tomorrow. After seeing the Wind River mountains up close and personal not so long ago, and having driven to Wyoming through the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado, Yellowstone was actually a bit of a disappointment. The mountains were nice, but not as glorious as say, the ones we see driving to town here. What was REALLY cool about Yellowstone though was all the geysers! They come in all shapes, sizes, and sounds. From big, brown fog horns to red little spurts, I think I took a photo of every major one in the park!

Before this trip, I had taken 644 pictures of my summer vacation out here in the West, from California to Wyoming. This week alone, I took 750.

The camping in the Park was interesting. It was surprisingly crowded with RVs, and the Park doesn't allow you to camp outside the designated (and expensive) camping grounds. I tried starting a fire the first night, but Uncle David made me stop after 20 minutes of pouring rain. ;)

In case any of you are planning a trip to Yellowstone, the Park's main roads form a figure 8, and most of the really cool places to go are on the lower loop. Old Faithful was definitely a high point (har har), and the lodge there is a lot of fun!

After our three days in Yellowstone, we made a jaunt over to Cody. There, we saw the Old Trail Town, a recreation of an Old West town. Several notable figures' graves had been exhumed and relocated to the town including W.A. Gallagher, Blind Bill, Liver-eating Johnson, and Belle, the lady in blue. All of the buildings there are original structures which have been relocated. They had a schoolhouse, general store, carriage house... even the hideout cabin that the Hole in the Wall gang used to plan several major bank robberies! It was nifty!

Also in Cody, we saw the Buffalo Bill Historical Center, a collection of 5 museums including the Whittier Gallery of Art, a gun collection housing 2700 arms, the Buffalo Bill museum, an Indian musueum, and the Drapier Museum of Nation History. There was a special exhibit under the Indian museum of a whole bunch of bronze statues. Really cool. There was also a video there about how they make bronzes, starting with concept drawings, and following through all the way from the original clay statue to the final poured product and shipping process. It was an old Art school film, and had "flash cards" instead of sound. :)

It was incredible to me how much misleading and just plain wrong information was displayed in the Natural Museum of History. Perhaps it shouldn't surprise me, but there were so many naturalistic, liberal, and environmentalist worldviews present as well, that some of the displays were a bit nauseating. There was one in particular that was describing the tragedies that occur when grizzly bears and human beings come into contact. It lamented that grizzlies were often poached. I couldn't believe my eyes! It made absolutely no mention of the numerous cases in which grizzlies have gone out of their way to attack humans for no reason! What about all of the times they've maimed, murdered, or eaten whole innocent people, completely unprovoked! }:{ *shudders*


The number of grammatical errors in the displays were also astounding. ;)

Anyway. After Cody, we proceeded on to Cheyenne, which is on the Southeastern border of Wyoming -- Boulder is on the far West side. We spent the night there since it was getting quite late, and in the morning, I competed in my first Cowboy Action Shooting match! It was fun! I'm also now a member of the Single Action Shooting Society. Basically, Cowboy Shooting entails dressing up in period clothing -- I've still got to get the britches -- and shooting steel targets in a scenario that can run from a high-noon shootout, to takin' out the bad guys robbing a bank. Most stages require a shotgun, pistols, and rifle, but occasionally you only need one or a combination of the three. This time, there was one stage that was exclusively shotgun (I got a good time on that one,) and another where you used all the guns, but had to shoot from the hip. 8| That was a toughie: I missed five times. XP

On the way back home that evening, we celebrated my Uncle's and my birthday at a restaurant called the Hungry Miner. I got to drive back to Boulder the 200-something miles that were left after dinner! It was my first time hauling a trailer on a standard transmission diesel! Fun fun FUN! :D

Yesterday, we spent the day in Jackson Hole with Dave and Barbie and ate at the Bar J. After a nearly-authentic chuckwagon meal, they perform Western, or cowboy, music for a couple hours. They are veyr funny, and the music is very good. Uncle David was thrilled that they played the Orangeblossom Special. :) I bought two tapes, and Crista bought some CDs.

Anyhoo, I'm gettin' sorta tired now. We put up some more walls up in the loft, fixed the riding lawnmower and cleared a lot of growth, installed another light fixture and a bunch of insulation. Crista completely cleaned out the camper, which was quite a feat! Have a good one!