Matthew's Big Blog of Adventure!

Monday, May 31

Arrived in Massachusetts

Hey, gang!

 Virginia is so beautiful! Well, we made it up here safely. I got a lot of Shenandoah photos of the trip up through I81 and 80. Ok, so I'm jealous of Matt Stephens now... I want to live in Virginia once I graduate. I'll find myself a little place up in a remote corner somewhere, get a couple high speed Internet lines... ;D

The trip was pretty uneventful -- we drove all day the first day... didn't even need to stop long for lunch since we got submarine sandwiches from Publix. (Those subs are soooo good! Even better than Boar's Head!) We stayed overnight at a Red Roof Inn in Hagerstown, MD, and then set off yesterday morning for Swansea, MA.

It's so beautiful up here! The weather is so clear and cool! The Sunday before we left home, it reached 99 F back in some parts of Augusta. We're going up to Boston in a couple minutes to go see my Aunt's parade. She's a music teacher up in Medford (a suburb in Boston) and all her band students are getting to play! I'm brining my camera and have freshly recharged batteries, so I'm hoping to post some up in a day or so.

I'll keep ya posted!

Tuesday, May 25

Gates recital yesterday

Christianne plays a Hungarian folk song
Yesterday, I got to go to two friends' senior high school recital. They both played the piano and sang very well. I'm so proud of both of you girls, Christianne and Courtney! What was even cooler was they played a large selection of Chopin -- one of my favorites! Hearing the Raindrop Prelude again was so good! And the Fantasia was wonderful as well. My favorite, of course, was your finale piece. Think I could get the music from you? ;)

Typhoid Mary... ties

I was just skimming through the news when I saw this one. Apparently, there is now concern that doctors are spreading disease with their ties. Microorganisms apparently latch onto the material and spread through the hospital since doctors only wash their hands.

Sunday, May 23

PCC News

Well, I've processed some of my photos! Apparently, somebody decided that the Bradford pears along the Four Winds needed cutting. I think someone mentioned something about them setting people's allergies off. That's the reason they said they cut the ones down in front of the CA building. Click on these thumbnails for larger versions. As is true for any picture here, email me or leave a comment for a REALLY BIG version (2048x1536 resolution).


I have experienced a miniature epiphany... I'm not the slightest bit tired because of all the caffeine I drank today! I had one of those cokes with lime, and some grape soda at the Gates' house. Not to mention the Gone Bananas ice cream at Bruster's and a WHOLE cup of water so kindly procured by Jessica. ;) I said I'd post the picture, so here it is!

Congratulations, Robert, Christianne, and Courtney! Remember to keep in touch even once you've all gone off to college. :*)

Test picture!

It occurs to me that not everyone may know Coleen. Coleen is a math major graduating in 3 years (smart girl,) and was in Sarah's and my Applied Mathematics class this past semester. She, Sarah, Matt, (pictured below) and I were postterm lunch and dinner buddies. It was a lot of fun!

Wow, It's late... I mean early

I know it's late but I'm just not tired! I figured out what where I'm going to store my photos for the blog, and I put up a little one of me sitting in the commons. Coleen took it in the commons during Postterm... I am so happy English Literature is over! Mr. Pendley was great, but it's good to be home.

Saturday, May 22


Well, here it is! Thought I'd set up a blog to keep everyone updated through the summer. I'm traveling out to California and Wyoming later this summer working on my Uncle's cabin, and I thought it'd be cool to post pictures! Keep tuned. :)