Matthew's Big Blog of Adventure!

Monday, January 2

In Massachusetts

Hey gang,

It's been busy, but all of us except Dad and Grandma are at my other Grandpa's house in Massachusetts. It looks like we'll have some R&R for the next couple of days before PCC's interterm classes start again, so I've taken the opportunity to read some of the Gordon R. Dickson books my sisters gave me for Christmas; try out a couple social network services like for internet bookmarks, 43things for making list of goals and meeting people who share them, and Myspace for ... I guess meeting new people; and finish submitting a paper about research from last summer for review.

Additionally, I discovered that Mozilla's free calendar software called Sunbird can load other calendars off the Internet. This means that you can share your calendar online with people, or you can use one of the thousands of neat event, news, lunar cycle, and holiday calendars available at ICalShare's website.

All in all, this has been a very satisfying vacation. :)