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Sunday, July 22

Family Reunion and Job Interview

My generationIt's been a while since my last update, and a fair amount has happened since then. Mom, Dad, and I drove for two days up to Wappinger Falls, NY for the 2007 Stradling Family Reunion. (Mom's mom's side) This photo is of my generation of cousins with Uncle Jim and Aunt Ina. My sisters and older cousins weren't there for various reasons, so I got to be the oldest! The family reunion only lasted for a day, so it was another two day trip back down to Georgia, after a quick morning stop at Uncle Jim's.

Philly Cheese SteakLast week, I flew up to Philadelphia for a job interview with an engineering company. It was a lot of fun, even if it was only two days. I felt like the interview went well, so maybe I'll get to have a great job soon! And yes, the Cheese Steak was delicious!

Two hour layovers at each stop in the flight let me read 2 1/2 books too, so it was really grand! Book buying has become a minor obsession of mine now. Our local library (click here to take a virtual tour!) just isn't enough sometimes, so I've been taking to hanging around the Book Tavern downtown. The owner really knows his books and is always fun to talk with.

Anyway, the company I interviewed with was generous in its rental car and hotel options. Take a look at the interior of the car! It was a 2007 Ford (Taurus?) with black leather seats and entirely too comfortable. It's almost a shame it wasn't cold enough to try out the heated seats!

Intermediate Rental Driving in a downpour Leather seats