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Thursday, May 31

Augusta Canal

On the boatThis week, my adopted Uncle David came to visit us. We got to be tourists in our own city again!

This time, we took a ride on the Augusta Canal, an 8 1/2 mile long canal running parallel to the Savannah River. Henry Cummings dreamed of an industrial revolution in Augusta similar to one in Lowell, MA (also resulting from a canal.) Augusta grew lots of cotton, sold it up north, and then bought back the products. People figured they should do it all in Augusta.

Me, Jimmy, and Uncle DaveThe downtown area has revived a lot in recent years, though there are still only 1 or 2 restaurants that look like they'd pass the health board's inspection. It was beautiful weather as we walked up and down Broad Street. James Brown's statue is at the corner of Broad and 9th: he was born in Augusta. Apparently, his estate is planning on creating a tour of his home similar to Elvis's Graceland in Nashville. They have a small exhibit in the Augusta History Museum featuring one of his outfits and a video from the 60's where he came back to stop race riots.

Come and visit me sometime in Augusta and we'll show you the town!

Thursday, May 17


Hey again,

Super geekI'm done!

May 9th I graduated with a B.S. in Software Engineering and a B.A. in Piano Performance! Now I need a job.

Another book case would be great too. The library continues its incredible deals, so I keep rescuing volumes from their clutches. In the meantime, I'm reading and cooking and resting a week.

More later!