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Sunday, August 29

General Counsel's Last Lecture

As the general counsel for our company left, he gave a great speech on what the common attributes of a star are. These notes are valuable to me, so they might be to you too.

  1. Emotional intelligence

    • You need other people to help you

    • Ability to know others' needs and fears

      • What are people thinking about and feeling and where are they coming from

      • Imposter complex - everyone is afraid of being exposed in a group

      • You constantly have to communicate to people that they are safe

      • Confession of weakness

  2. Judgment

    • Moving an answer around in time and space. How would this decision look in a year? In front of Congress?

    • Figuring out what things mean

    • Gained by screwing up and remembering the effects of your mistakes

    • You must step away from what you do to maintain perspective. Judgmnt requires perspective.

    • Sleep a lot. It helps your brain interconnect everything you learned.

    • Keep up hobbies, family activities.

  3. Effective Communication

    • All knowledge is wasted that is not communicated to someone else.

    • People need to breathe

      • make your messages easily digestible

    • You need someone who loves you to give you honest feedback in order to improve your public speaking skills.

    • Presentations are not the time to be cool; it's distracting

    • Don't let your equipment and materials distract from you: you are the show

  4. Dare to Be Dumb

    • Ask the "dumb" questions when no one else will.

    • People appreciate it that they didn't have to reveal their own ignorance and need the knowledge

  5. Building Reputation

    • It's built all the time with every encounter with every person you meet

    • There's no time off

    • There's no difference between the person who empties the trash and the CEO


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    By Blogger Kate, at 3:43 PM  

  • Wow, awesome notes! I only jotted down the 5 main points in my iPhone. That was a fantastic speech.

    By Blogger Jeremy, at 3:44 PM  

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