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Sunday, January 10

New Year's resolutions

It's a new year and with it come good intentions. This year, I'm using a nutrition-tracking program called DietPower. A former coworker recommended it to me as a great tool to help you track not only the calories and fat that you eat, but also all the other nutrients required for a healthy diet. It even tracks the exercise you do.

The software allows you to set a weight goal for a certain date, tells you whether it is a reasonable goal or not, then promises you that if you eat only the number of calories per day it proscribes, you will reach your weight goal.

It's a great program.

DietPower has an extensive food library to help you enter what you ate during the day, and can list the foods in order of the best thing you could eat to meet your nutritional requirements for the day. THIS IS ONLY A TOOL. If you take its advice rather than your tastebuds', your diet will look something like this:

1. 1 vitamin pill, with minerals and beta carotene
2. 1 quart 2% milk, with added nonfat milk solids and Vitamin A
3. 1 cup raw, crude, corn bran
4. 1 cup dehydrated potato flakes with milk
5. 1 ounce cream of asparagus soup mix
6. 2 ounces of frosting
7. 1 fl ounce of grain alcohol
8. 1 tbsp apple butter
9. 1 fl ounce of Applejack (distilled, hard cider)
10. 8 pickled crab apples

Mmmm mmm good!