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Monday, May 23

Proposed Fall 2005 School Schedule

Click to download potential scheduleHey, gang!

Now that I've had such a nice time to rest and relax, I thought I'd put some time into thinking about what needs to happen next year. If you click on the PDF logo, you can download the schedule I registered for for this coming Fall semester. This is one of the best schedules I've ever had! It's right up there with that one freshman semester where I had ZERO morning classes! ;D Ah, no first hour classes AND I get to eat lunch right after chapel most days.

Unfortunately, I may have to change it. Looking into Computer Science graduate programs, I discovered that the University of Utah, for example, requires a score of 80% on the Quantitative section of the Computer Science GRE. For some weird reason, my Software Engineering degree doesn't even include a class in Probability and Statistics, which is the prerequisite for Quantitative Methods. Therefore, if I want to do well on the GRE, I need to take BOTH Prob. Stats and Quantitative. Since I'm already slated for 19 credits for all four of my remaining semesters, it means I have to figure out how I can shove a couple more classes into postterms -- double postterms, here I come!

Windows Programming looks like another really good course to have before I graduate since all of the programs we've done so far are all terminal-based.

Gotta go!


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