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Monday, May 23

Graduation reception and syzygy

The graduate giving her speechCharlotte's graduation reception was from 3:00 - 6:00 today at our house. It went really well and I think that way more people than the 7 that RSVPed came! :D Here's that photo of Charlotte graduating, as promised! She did really well delivering her speech. It was a poem she wrote herself and lots of people asked for copies after the ceremony. *sniff* That's MY sister! :*)

Most of the familyAfter the reception today, Miss Cindy stayed and we got to listen to some fun music about cell phones and play Syzygy, one of our favorite word games. We then finished that movie that we started the other night, and I stayed up late reading email and replying with telephone directory thoroughcity.

Speaking of which... Nite!


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