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Tuesday, June 7

Put up some pictures!

Hey gang!

Me at a Christmas Fine ArtsYou know I've been going on about Flickr, the free photo album that makes it easy to share pictures with your friends... Join and start sharing some of the awesome memories we've had together! Crista sent this one that I've never seen before. This was the Christmas fine arts The Importance of Being Earnest. I'm sure you guys have all sorts of photos too, so why not create a free account! I will continue to search the web for cool stuff like this and talk about it here on my blog. Even if photo aren't your thing, perhaps I'll find something cool you'd like to use. ;)

There are a couple places here on the urban USC campus that I'd still like to investigate. The Russell House has a big Student Union, bookstore, and more! I've got to remember to budget in a USC shirt to remember this summer before I leave at the end of July. Also, we were given our Thomas Cooper Library cards today and have a tour scheduled this Friday to see their multimedia lab. That'll be really cool! One of the other program participants was telling me about the local Richland County library. It's a HUGE green glass building a half dozen blocks or so away. The membership is $30 for the year, but from what she was saying, it has a really nice selection -- much nicer than the Augusta library system probably. ;) Seriously, our local library system cares more about having nice brand new buildings than they do about having a decent collection: they keep having book sales every time I drive by it seems. We have all of these books in our house we're trying to get rid of on eBay and that we would have donated to the library if we could know for sure they wouldn't turn around and sell them for a buck.

The School of Music has a large building not too far away too that I'm hoping has practice rooms I could use. Gotta look into it...

Relaxing WeekendThis weekend, I got to go back home and visit the family. On Saturday, we had a whole day long picnic out at West Dam. Great times of hotdogs and fellowship are such happy moments in life! Dad, Crista, and I took a quick trip after lunch to check on Uncle David and Aunt Merris' new house in Lincolnton since they're away right now. It's a good thing too since two windows had been left open. They got a great house! Corps land is right behind it, and they even have a boat dock with swinging benches. It would be really cool to get a used Jet ski and dock it there. Thurmond Lake is so HUGE you'd never run out of places to ski around and explore. I think it has 1200-some miles of shoreline! The only negative thing I have to say about the area is the ticks. I flicked a tick off my leg while we were down at the dock talking, and when I got back to Columbia I had to yank one off my side. (I've got a huge bump now.) We went back to the picnic and spent the whole afternoon and part of the evening there and had another great meal. Visiting the chapel on Sunday was another highlight of the trip.

I'm hoping to be able to go back home nearly every weekend, but I still want to go the zoo here in Columbia, find the Happy Bookseller, possibly go down to Charleston and see what it's all about, and maybe take a quick trip up to Charlotte to see the science center there.

Keep in touch!


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