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Friday, May 27

PCC Professors

Hey gang!

Just restumbled across this site while Googlin' around for something else. It's called, and gives you an inside view of how students at many different colleges and universities around the U.S. view view their professors. The Pensacola Christian College page has a rather extensive list of professors. Most of the ones I've looked at (professors I've had for classes) look fair. Maybe it's worth a look if you're considering PCC... It's really remarkable how many people marked the professors as being really helpful!

Carwash!In other news, I got to help another person with computer problems this morning. Later, after lunch, I vacuumed the car I'm taking with me to Columbia and washed most of the dirt off. It's 85 degrees right now, so wet is FUN! ;D Speaking of heat, I hear that Russians were complaining a couple days ago when they lost power in Moscow during their 70 degrees "heat wave." Must be your perspective. :) Now, I'm packing my stuff up into a couple boxes. I'm gonna try to finish loading up tonight, because tomorrow Crista, Miss Cindy, and I are going to the Georgia Renaissance Festival in Atlanta Saturday! My family went earlier this month before I got home from college, and they said that while it wasn't entiiiiirely historically accurate, it was a lot of fun.

It'll be grand!


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