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Wednesday, June 1


Hey again!

Bethany Chapel was certainly a blessing! There are a fairly small group of believers there, but tonight's meeting was a wonderful time of prayer and reflection. They were really excited to hear that I go to the Bethany Chapel in Augusta, and seemed to already know some of the happenings there. When I told some of the women there that Les Rainy (spelling?) is living in the house behind the chapel, they were enthusiastically making plans for asking him to come, visit, and speak. :) They were saying that Mr. Rainy was one of their favorite speakers at the youth conferences they attended as girls, and that he was always an encouragement to them to live strongly for the Lord.

The prayer meeting didn't seem to last very long! Tonight, I'm hoping to find a Barnes and Nobles in eastern Columbia and read the remaining 32 pages of a 36 page paper for tomorrow. The professor who is in charge of my area of study (Inference Control[links to powerpoint] for XML data) arrived back in Columbia today after a vacation, and there is a chance of me being able to meet with her to discuss my project for the summer. Hopefully, after reading this paper, I will be prepared to at least understand the technical jargon and basic concepts related to the field so I will be able to explore possible topics ... or even as Deepa, a Masters student who is also helping us REU folk, said, the meeting will let me know whether this is a field I want research. She seems concerned that since there has been so little work done in Inference Control (and its seeming impossibility,) that finding a suitable two-month project may be difficult.

Even if it's something that it turns out I'd rather not do, apparently a guy who got selected for the other project I'd like to work on is looking at our project instead. The other project is called T2BN: Text to Bayesian Networks, and is supposed to result in software that accepts regular text and produces cause and effect relationships from the text. The Dr. heading up that program says that it'll be used on field reports in intelligence agencies in order to help link possibly related events more quickly and efficiently. Sounds like fun!

My USC roomIn other news, since I got Internet access, I can show you all what USC looks like -- starting with my room! The rooms are nice, though smaller than the Young Tower PCC rooms. Of course, I get my OWN room instead of sharing it with three other guys, and there's a bigger shared living area the same size or larger than the room at PCC... ;) You can see more pictures of my room and the entire suite on my Flickr photo album. WEll, I'm gonna head of to Barnes and Nobles now ... looks like the guy I was waiting for won't return from his Bible study in time. Later!


  • Wow! Your own room! Thats neat.
    My new room is 3x the size of this one. :) But the current one is smaller than the walkin closet :)

    By Blogger Jesuspower, at 6:29 PM  

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