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Friday, May 27

Photo update!


Me at Lambert's Cafe -- Home of Thrown RollsThis online photo album thing has been really fun! I just added over 100 more photos to my Flickr account! Click here to see my album! They're all photos from school in the past couple years: fine arts, graduations, and just regular life.

Let me know what you think!

Well, the last of my laundry is in the wash. After I pack that up in my suitcase and put some hangables in the garment bag, I think I'll be ready for this internship thing! The car looks really great now that it's clean -- I wonder if it'll stay that way until Sunday! ;D

Sometime in the early afternoon, I got to talk to Brittany and Stephanie! They're hanging out at Stephanie's place in Lynchburg, and are planning on terrorizing Richmond for who knows how long. :) It sounds like a lot of fun and sure makes me miss those grand gals.

Gotta go fold laundry now!


  • At least you do something with your pictures. :P

    By Blogger Jesuspower, at 11:30 PM  

  • Yeah, just wait until I'm busy again. Procrastination and photoalbumphobia are probably genetic: our albums here at home have great baby pictures of my older sister and me, but if you were to look at them, you'd never know we had a little sister who just graduated from highschool. :D Mom said something about getting around to it after she takes a cruise to the Bahamas.

    By Blogger Matthew Royal, at 11:38 PM  

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