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Wednesday, August 30

Packing for PCC

Hey gang,

Messy RoomIt's that time again! The summer's been long and fun, so it's time to counterbalance it with three more months of grueling labor, stress, and (were I not so manly) tears. Yes, the packing has begun! Felix the Cat's magic bag would come in very handy right about now with both my and my little sister's stuff to pack. Procrastinating until now was a sort of bad idea since our family seems to have tons of plans for every night left until we leave, although this means we've gotten to eat out at a couple favorite restaurants recently and try out a few more. There's a new mediterranean/middle eastern place called Khalid's Cafe just outside our neighbor that seems rather good.

Reading in the bookstoreIn sort of related news, Charlotte's best friend Kirstin just left for St. Olaf's in Minnesota. Thank goodness for cellphones and email, or Kirstin may have dragged Charlotte along in the van! ;) Speaking of Charlotte, I still haven't convinced her to start packing. We've been going to Borders semi-frequently since I've returned from Utah and she's spent every moment there memorizing art books on comics and caricatures. Now, she's scanning in her art and cleaning it up in a photo editor. She's been mumbling about making a web comic or something like that, though it will probably have to wait until the Christmas break, since we sadly have very filtered Internet access at school.

Indian entertainmentAugusta State University hosted India Day a few days ago. It was a blast! Many of the grad students Crista knows participated in the program, and evidently spent the entire year since the last India Day preparing some wonderful entertainment, including traditional songs, dance, and instruments. The food was incredible as well, prompting my mother's rekindled interest in getting Mrs. Pumachcharige to teach her how to prepare more Sri Lankan dishes.

Google's photo management software Picasa is awesome! I've been staying up late into the night tagging all of my photos with everyone's names so I can instantly bring up all of the photos in my collection of a certain person or event. It's a great way to find wallpaper too. All I have to do is add a wall-worthy picture to my "Groovy Wallpapers," for easy retrieval the next time my desktop begins to look dull. (Usually about once a day.) Then, I copied Mom's 3.5 Gigabytes of photos, culled 2 GB out, and have yet to finish labeling them. It'll probably span into the new semester! 8)

Time to go pack!


  • Are you guys excited? (because I'm not) J/K!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:26 AM  

  • Well, I guess I am excited because I'm taking all cool classes this semester. Also, this is my last year, so that means I can move on to bigger (and hopefully better) things! Don't worry -- it's only 4 ... or 5 years. ;)

    By Blogger Matthew Royal, at 12:14 PM  

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