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Monday, July 17

Having Fun in Utah

Hey Gang!

Sploosh!Sorry for the long radio silence! My internship has kept me pretty busy during the day, and most of the rest of my time is spent exploring Logan and visiting people. :) This past week, however, I got to go rafting down the Snake River with my intern program. We had a great time and got to go into Jackson later that evening for pizza. It's really nice there!

Any way, on our second drift down the river, one of the rapids catapulted me out of the raft and I went through two of the rapids by myself. It was really exciting, and I'll never resent having to put on a life jacket again!

Sidewalk FestivalThis weekend Logan had its annual sidewalk sale, where all the businesses down main street put booths out in front of their shops and discount stuff to passerby. Gary and I went just before the "official" weekend, since I planned to visit my family in Wyoming again. There were some decent deals, but nothing really useful looking. Even the bookstores didn't have enough out there to get me! (In contrast, I bought 18 books at the Pinedale Library book sale this weekend.) However, I did discover that there's a used book store on main that I haven't gone to yet. Tomorrow or Wednesday, I'm planning to check it out after a haircut.

I'm hoping to distribute photos tomorrow morning to folks who went on the trip. I invited the intern guys over for breakfast tomorrow morning. The grocery store was having an awesome sale on melons, and I can't eat them all myself! :D

Keep cool!


  • k, so i just did the whole thing wrong and sent you an e-mail instead, but i'll make the same comment. Is that a tee shirt and shorts i see you wearing??? I'm scared for life!!!! oh the horrors!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:02 PM  

  • Don't worry -- it's a polo shirt with *khaki* shorts. :D

    By Blogger Matthew Royal, at 10:01 PM  

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