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Thursday, December 22

Back in the swing

Hey gang!

I'm back from college for Christmas break now and have had some time to recover! I just got back from a hunting trip with my Uncle out to Eatonton, GA where some relatives of ours live. Sadly, we didn't see any deer, but I did see four bobcats. They were beautiful! Two of them were kittens and kept pouncing on each other instead of the rabbit that darted away from the bunch. We also came away with two big bags of pecans we picked up off their lawn. Just walking across their yard, we crunched about a bucket's worth.

With the heavy social calendar my family has, it looks the break will be a bit shorter than I had hoped. ;) Christmas evening, we're probably getting together with some friends to go and see the Chronicles of Narnia. On the 27th, we're going to an after-Christmas Christmas music party. I need to prepare a few pieces to play for that, and I should probably start working on my concerto for next semester -- it turns out that the contest is in the Spring semester this year rather than the Fall one. January 1st, Crista and I will fly to Massachusetts to visit with Grandpa and join up with my Mom and Charlotte (who are leaving December 28th.)

Now for school stuff!

This semester was my busiest ever! (With next semester looking like more of the same.) Still, I did have a little time to eat with friends now and then... and, oh yeah... take pictures! Click here to see my most recent photos, or here to see just photos from PCC.

PCC is building an extension to the Sports Center. The sign above the model reads:

Ground Floor
- 2 big boulders, 12 feet tall
- Tall climbing walls
- Water park with 2 water slides
- A surfing wave
- 8 new racquetball courts

Mezzanine Level
- Roller Skating Track
- Cardio Machines
- Weight Lifting

Upper Deck
- Sun bathing

Construction Begins: October 2005
Anticipated Completion: Spring 2007

Check back for more as I update during the Christmas break!


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