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Sunday, August 7

Weddings, Piano, and Paint

Aaron and Erin Wright's weddingIt's been a while since I last checked in! I arrived home safe and sound and have been working hard to relax. Yesterday, I drove to Newnan, GA for a friend's wedding. It was held at Dunaway Gardens in an outside, natural ampitheater. I drove home last night and got in about 1:00 this morning. Today, we finished priming all the bedrooms, the foyer, and the trim, so painting the rest of the house should be fairly straightforward once we get around to it. Mom said she didn't think we'd get around to it tomorrow, though. :(

Another friend, Daniel, supposedly got married in Texas today. His brother called my phone while we were painting, but nobody heard it ring, and by the time we noticed it was really late. (And then I forgot my phone at Crista's house when we left for home.) ^^;; Congratulations, Daniel and Amy!

Practicing the piano has been a nice break now. I'm working on the concertos for this coming semester, and really need to pick out some other pieces to get started working on. I've been working on a couple sacred pieces to play as preludes, because folks keep asking me to play for church. *guilt* Hopefully, I'll get to watch Mrs. Joyner play hymns to gain some more insight into hymnplaying. :)

Time to go again! My friend Joy has noticed that I only post on my blog from 12:00 - 1:00 am. It's the only time that's free! Really! ;)


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