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Thursday, July 28

Internship complete

Today was the last day of my internship! We only had two presentations this afternoon -- and both guys did a really great job. :) After waiting about in an hour in the Swearingen building for the hail and torrential rains to stop, we walked across the railroad tracks to the California Dreaming for dinner. The building is really nice! It's mostly the original structure of the former Union Station that stood there X decades ago.

After a quick summary meeting with my project partner after dinner, I started the long task of packing all of this JUNK up and moving out. So far, all of my clothes save what I'm using tomorrow are packed away into my suitcase and garment bag. Thankfully, most of my library here fit in my suitcase too. :D

It would be really great if there were a food bank close by so I could drop off my perishables, but I suppose they'll last without refrigeration for an hour or so without too much of a problem.

My computer, of course, is the last thing that gets packed since it's both my stereo and link to scintillating discussions on the Teenpact alumni board. ;) Actually, I'm waiting for some emails from my faculty advisors who are in Italy and the Netherlands, respectively.

Mom is going over to Crista's house this weekend to help her finish painting. Dad and I are planning to hit the electronics stores to buy me a replacement monitor. My existing one's screen frequently fuzzes-out and does all sorts of cool, unexpected acrobatic tricks for me.

Borders keeps trying to siphon away my hard-earned summer savings with its 30%-off sales. Click here for the coupon! It works for Waldenbooks too, apparently. It's good for 30% off the regular price of one paperback. Last week, they had the same 30% sale on music and DVDs, so of course I picked up two CDs I've been looking at for a long time. With the discount, it was even cheaper than buying them online!

Sorry for the lack of images in my most recent posts. My image host suddenly flaked out, so I'm search for a new one. Any suggestions?

Have a wonderful, safe, cool, and productive weekend!


  • Hello from 'laid back New England'. I put the search word “Teenpact” in to a blog finder and found your, and I’m wondering if your referring to the government training organization for “teens”?

    By Blogger Tash, at 7:15 PM  

  • Hello, Tash! Yes, I am indeed talking about that TeenPact. Have you gone to one of the state classes?

    By Blogger Matthew Royal, at 7:41 PM  

  • I noticed that you were planning on reading some works on Roman Catholic soteriology; what did you think of them?

    By Anonymous Sam (aka... Merely Christian), at 10:23 PM  

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