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Monday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!

While this photo is festive, it is actually from Charlotte's Graduation party. :)Howdy!

What a nice, relaxing weekend! The University took off for the 4th (surprisingly, given they ignored Memorial Day) so I got to have a bit of a long weekend at home. Charlotte got home from Art Camp on Friday, so we had a couple hours together before she and Dad joined Mom in Massachusetts via a two-day road trip up I95. The same night, Crista and I watched National Treasure, one of the Netflix that Mom ordered. It wasn't totally original, but it was still a pretty good film. We were talking to a friend the next day about it, and it turns out that the entire plot of the movie was "liberated" from a novel of an entirely different name. *sigh* I suppose this film upholds Disney's innovative renovative history.

Today, Crista made some really good hamburgers and I grilled them for all of us still at home. (Crista, Grandma, and me) It was really nice, and a great opportunity to clear out leftovers from the fridge. Crista will be leaving next weekend for the family reunion, so I've got to think about what Grandma and I are going to do for food. I know she likes traditional home-cooked meals, so I'll probably make some cornbread and a shepherd's pie or something. The following week, Crista will be back and I'll fly up to Pennsylvania for my friend's wedding and drive back down with the rest of the family on the 17th of July.

I'm still practicing the piano! The concertos for this fall and possibly more Hymn Keyboard Skills (groan) dash around just out of my peripheral vision, teasing and taunting me. Whenever I'm home and the moments I steal away in the School of Music seem just enough to keep the little spectres back in their mind-crannies, but I can hear them snickering among themselves. They know that as soon as the internship is over, I'll be too weakened to resist them. GAAAAA!!!!


  • Yay! I'm guessing you're reffering to my wedding. I've been meaning to call you, but life's been crazy-go-nuts around here, so I haven't had time. Can't wait to see you though!
    N 8-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 8:42 PM  

  • It's time to take charge of your future and independence by having your own business!

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