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Monday, June 13

Dorms and AC

Yet another great weekend back home in Augusta! Saturday evening, we went to Mr. Rainey's open house there behind the chapel. It was a really great time getting to know him a bit better and fellowshipping with the rest of Bethany. ...and there was this amazing Hazelnut cream coffee... ;D I went out to Winn Dixie tonight and bought some creamer and sugar. Don't get me wrong, I love to drink black coffee -- but not for more than a week.

On Sunday, Charlotte and I were driving home from church, and just as we pulled into the driveway, the air conditioning stopped and the engine started smoking. Praise the Lord that it wasn't on the highway! Dad and I performed extensive tests to determine exactly what was wrong and after much experimentation and well-thought through reasonings have determined... that the air conditioning is broken. :) I brought it back up to Columbia and it did fine -- it was just really hot. The days have been up in the 90s, so tonight I sneaked out ~9pm to get groceries. (It was still really warm!)

My old dormIn other news, last night, I ran into another of the REU program participants, and she informed me that we had to move to a new dormitory. Dr. Eastman had warned us on Friday that we may have to move becacuse of maintenance work that needed to be done in South Quad. We all hustled in getting our stuff over to our new home (West Quad.) The inside is a lot nicer and newer than South Quad's, but I sure miss the steam vent that was right outside my window. Every morning had that wonderful Shangrila/Baker Street/"Jane Goodall and the Gorillas in the Mist" eeriness that reminds you how good it is just to sit down and drink your morning coffee.


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