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Thursday, June 9


Today we presented our research proposals in front of our two faculty advisors and our peers. I think it went rather well! After the morning meeting, I pretty much got to hang around my room the whole day. When I transfered to this project, I returned my key to the security lab and in exchange have access to the Software Engineering lab now. Unfortunately, the system administrator is away on vacation and can't set us up with an Internet connection. Therefore, Steve (my partner in this project) and I have been working from our own PCs in the dorms. It's been working out really well; I find that it's convenient having my research all here on my computer. Together, we made a lot of headway evaluating one of the two semantic parsing tools we've been examining tonight. We wrote a couple of analyzation tools and are working on having our program automatically evaluate the results generated from the parser.

Family totem poleEnough geeky stuff! My sister just sent me an email today informing me that she has updated her photo album on Flickr. It has a grand assortment of Great American Roadtrip Adventure vacation shots! Go take a look! Go! Especially if you were there! She has some ancient graduation shots with old gang members in them -- so go check those out too!

Tomorrow is going to be GREAT! We get to take a tour of the library! Hopefully, I'll be able to find it, because we're meeting there instead of the Swearingen Engineering Building for our morning meeting. After that, dependning on what Steve wants to do, I might get to go back home while it's still daylight out! Some weekend, I'm going to have to stay in Columbia just to go the zoo! Last weekend, Mom and Dad gave me my renewed membership card to the National Science Center museums, so I'll need to drive up to Charlotte and explore their science center again. Unless things have changed, they have one of the 3 largest IMAX theaters in the world there.

I'm gonna try to get to bed now so I'll have time to find the library tomorrow morning ... if I can ever finish all these incoming emails. :)


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