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Wednesday, June 22

Plumbing Apathy

Hey! This new dorm that we're in sure is temperamental... first I couldn't get enough water out of my bathroom faucet, and then I couldn't get the toilet's "raging flush" to stop. It was going for over 24 hours solid! Thankfully, I was able to visit with my project partner for most of the day to get way from the noise. After three calls to maintenance and a day's wait, it's now working properly! All it takes to get a job done is persistence! Speaking of which, BlessedFeet has a truly excellent article on apathy being the real root of poverty in our country in her blog. If you read just one other article today online, choose that one!

What a provocative title met my eyes yesterday at my recently stumbled upon favorite, Capitalism Magazine! We Are All Budweisers, by Thomas Sowell has nothing to do with beer, but rather the small town of Budweis in Bohemia where, for a time, Czechs and Germans lived in unity and peace. That is, until ethnic identity politics started tearing this society of Budweisers into separate German and Czechoslovakian camps. Perhaps there is something to be learned here that we can apply in our own country. Too many times, people feel that America needs to increase its diversity and cater to and encourage small groups within our country. Incoming immigrants should serve to enrich our culture and make it grow even richer[NYTimes: free reg.]. America must become a melting pot again until We Are All Americans.

Speaking of nationalist tendencies, it's been interesting how some of my reading has been converging. A friend was talking to me about the policies on religion Hitler's old Reich had, so I thought I should dispel some of my own ignorance and just finished the first chapter of James Murphy's translation of his book Mein Kampf. Hitler's perception of his own goodness is striking, even in the first chapter. He claims at the end of the chapter that he honored his father, but loved his mother. Apparently he ignores how it was admittedly his own refusal to accept his father's dream of his becoming a civil servant that led to his father's embittered death.

Signing off for now... maybe I'll get out and about Columbia with my camera to show you my stomping grounds! :)


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