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Sunday, June 26

Statistical bumps

Praise the Lord! The Sable is back from the car shop and has its air conditioning working even better than before! The windshield wiper blades are acting up a bit -- had trouble seeing clearly in the rain driving back to Columbia, but I'm sure a little pounding will put them back into their place. }:) Don't get me wrong -- Mom's Explorer is great. Remember all those neat commercials where the SUV is driving out in the middle of a desert or jungle? Y'know... the ones with big boulders that it leaps in a single bound? I have discovered that through a technological breakthrough, Ford has discovered how to let you -- the average suburb dweller -- experience this remarkably liberating experience of having your teeth jolted out of place on the average highway. Yes! You too can feel like you're driving offroad with even the slightest asphaltic imperfections! Go! Buy one now! You should feel this guy on grooved pavement!:D

Today was the last day our family will eat together until the end of July, I believe. Today, Charlotte left for a week long art camp, inciting riots and widespread jealousy in the rest of us who can only dream of fulfilling such artistic aspirations as sculpting, animation, and oil painting. Mom leaves Tuesday to help my aunts prepare for a family reunion a week or so from now. Dad and Charlotte (if she can be pried away from her paintbrushes) will then shoot up to Massachusetts for the reunion, and then lazily float back down the coast, picking up other family members at odd places. I'm flying up to Washington in mid-July for a good friend's wedding, and will catch a ride back with them to Columbia.

Take the MIT Weblog SurveyYes, I have again irrationally decided to give away a bit of personal information and many minutes of time to place an icon on my blog. MIT is conducting a survey of bloggers and their habits, and I just couldn't resist. If you have a blog, take a look!

I got to play in church today! Thought we were going to play some pre-specified hymns, but wung it when they started picking new hymns out of the blue. It's good practice, and since Mom will be gone for the next three weeks, it looks like I'll get a whole lot more! ;) This Wednesday, I get to play for the chapel here in Columbia too!

Getting tired... must sleep...


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