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Thursday, July 14

Cold water

Well, it looks like the cloudy weather is the result of another week-long spell of no hot water here in our environmentally friendly dormitory. It's not as cold as the water at PCC after the hurricane, thankfully, but it's still COLD! *shiver*

Our project is going pretty well. We finished the last analysis and are ready to start writing the paper today. I'm totally dissatisfied with the results, but our faculty advisor seems happy. (I'm hoping to secretly work on some more semantic processing algorithms by night and slipping them into the source code I'm cleaning up. ;D)

I've been spending late nights up doing geeky stuff again. Last night, I was making 3D paper desk calendars. Try it! It's fun!

Tomorrow afternoon I fly out of Columbia Metropolitan Airport to Washington and meet up with my family for my friend's wedding. :)


  • This is me, Matt...Matt. ;P Anyways, I posted this on my Modblog, but my sn is slap_happy_postmaster. Do not ask concerning the name: I shall not tell.

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