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Sunday, July 10


This weekend sure was action-packed! Some relatives stopped by for the night Friday on their way home from visiting more family in the cold North (Carolina) and we had a nice dinner and visit. Yesterday around 2:00, an unbelievably strong dounpour started. While not as long-lasting, it was even stronger than the hurricane-induced showers we had back when we first moved to Georgia in 1996!

I was talking with a friend in Pensacola about the time the storms started here, and she said that it was just beginning to rain there as well. Hope everyone down there is ok now that the storm passed! Thank goodness it didn't linger as long as Ivan did.

Drip drip dripUnfortunately, our house is at the bottom of a hill and the house started flooding in throught the front door. Thankfully, while I was desperately out in the rain trying to re-dig the channels that were supposed to divert water around the house and into the drainage ditch in the backyard, my good neighbor pitched in with his ... pitchfork. Together, we were able to divert most of the water away from the front door, and clear away debris from the fence. The debris prevented the water from freely flowing into the back, welling up to 3-4 feet in some places!

Even with all this, there was still a lot of flooding in the foyer. While shoving the water away with a (surprisingly effective) pushbroom, I came to the conclusion that I needed sandbags to reclaim my home from the sea. Frantically dashing around to the garage, I grabbed the closest thing to a sandbag we have -- the contents of the mending basket. These are textiles that, in the course of the Royal family's illustrious dynasty, have come to be excessively worn or to be in need of some minor repair. Many of my childhood clothes still live in that basket. Armed with loads of old towels and blankets (and a torn pair of jeans,) the rushing tide was stopped enough for me to bail with a 40-lb detergent bucket.

After the ordeal, I rewarded myself with sweet tea, tylenol, and a package of carrot cake. *urp*

There's still mud everywhere downstairs, though thankfully, we were able to stop the flooding before it hit the family room. Ah well, we were planning on replacing that carpet with tile anyway.


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