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Tuesday, August 23

Gone but not forgotten

It's that time of year again! My prolonged absence from my blog has been filled with much hurrying and scurrying across Georgia. These last few weeks have been filled with PCC students scrambling to enjoy such carnal pleasures as wearing jeans to Walmart and brushing with orange toothpaste. ;) Seriously, I am very eagerly anticipating returning. There's so much exciting stuff I get to learn and who knows what the Lord will do in my life this semester!

Yes, I have already begun thinking about packing. I haven't exactly formulated my list yet, but I have a rough idea that I'll be needing socks and underwear this semester. Thanfully, I already have a plethora of socks -- mostly white.

Charlotte has 19 skirts! My little sister is coming this year to begin studying Commercial art, and I can't believe the sheer ... volume of stuff she wants to bring! I don't think there's gonna be room for all of us in the vehicle. One of her friends is coming down to PCC too and supposedly is riding with us.

I'm going to have to cut back to two carry-on bags or something, and ONE of them is GOING to be my computer!!! The other might have some khakis in it. Hmm.... of course, I suppose I could always pack my computer WITH khakis.

In "When Worlds Collide," they pack their spaceship that will take them to the new planet with books as insulation, providing both plentiful shock-absorbing material and plenty of reading material for a long life without such conveniences as, say, oh, Earth.

The hunter safety course that I picked up in Thompson is now finished! Yesterday, I took the test and printed out my score sheet, only to discover that our county was having the rest of the examination last night at 6:00. Sadly, it was too late to preregister, and we had plans to go to visit with some missionaries from Albania anyway.

They were really nice! The point was emphasized that a missionary should seek his support solely from the Lord and not go around to all the churches in the area to raise a large amount of money before going to the field. It's along the same lines as George Muller's trusting in the Lord alone for his needs, and doing quite well. God says that he will provide all our needs, and as I've been seeing more and more in my studies of C. H. Makintosh's Short Papers, the point that the center of God's will is where you're safest and freest has really been driven home.

Sunrise GrillA group of men from our assembly, including my Dad and myself, meet every Tuesday morning at the Sunrise Grill for a Bible study and have been discussing Makintosh's papers. It's been a great experience!

Charlotte and I are busily ripping our CD collections of music that passes at school so we won't have to cart along hundreds of CDs. There are still a few I need to bring in bodily form to share with other people though. Time to get back to packing and folding towels!


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