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Sunday, December 25


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Phew! I just finished wrapping all the presents! It seems like I left everything until the last minute this year -- my Christmas shopping finally concluded the 23rd. Trying to sneak the gifts under the tree was impossible since Aunt Merris came by earlier today and dropped off a truckload of presents. This year everyone gave so much! Tomorrow, our morning services are an hour later than normal, so Dad, Mom, and I are leaving for the Lord's Supper around 9:15. Uncle David, Aunt Merris, Grandma, and the girls are coming for Family Bible Hour, which starts at 11:00, I think. After that, we'll have our Christmas dinner and open presents.

Normally, presents are the first thing we do -- along with eating Mom's traditional Christmas stollen -- although we're still not sure if Charlotte will stand for dinner before presents. ^_^

I should be getting to bed soon, but before I go, I've got to tell you about an awesome site I just found! A friend and I are starting an ensemble for our collegian back at college and have been looking for music to use in the upcoming barbershop competition this Spring semester. After a little surfing, I found the Barbershop Harmony Society, which has tons of free sheet music online and tips on how to improve your group. It also has a search for groups in your area if you're interested in singing with some other guys. There's one in Pensacola that's having a concert at the church right across the street from PCC, and there's even one here in Augusta headed by *surprise!* a guy who lives in our neighborhood!

If only I spent more time here at home! I'll have to tell Keith -- he joined the Augusta Choral Society and sang in their performance of the Messiah at Sacred Heart Cultural Center a week or so ago.

Well, time for bed to dream about chestnuts and their recovery in America from chestnut blight... and such. Oh yeah! With all the presents and candy, don't forget what Christmas is really all about!

Merry Christmas again!


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    Ah! Expose, be still! I am not switching windows now. Let's try that again:
    Merry Christmas!!!

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