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Thursday, June 15

Library folk mocha

Today was the first day in our internship that we didn't have class, so I took the opportunity to do a little more exploring on campus. The Science and Technology library is really fantastic. Their music section is larger and has more variety than our normal library in Pensacola. The architecture of the building is really nice too with lots of open spaces and natural lighting filtering through everywhere. After reading the latest IEEE journals they had on my topic, I checked out a book called Piano: Guided Sight-Reading, by Leonhard Deutsch. He was apparently from Vienna and a contemporary of Schoenberg. It was quite enjoyable and I picked up a number of useful tips -- and pieces -- to start using in my regular practice time. Gotta find it on eBay...

In other news, the Logan Yellow Pages lists a whole bunch of used book stores and two coffee shops, so the next few weeks should be interesting. There's also a couple delis and cheese factories that sound like they may have something cool in them. Coffee has again become part of my life now that I've bought a coffee grinder. All of these sales and low prices are going to catch up to me when it's time to ship everything back home.

Went to a local folk music concert tonight. The theatre is housed in the same fine arts complex that I've been practicing in. The concert is part of a series that's going on this week, but I think I'll save my money for some operas produced by the Utah Festival Opera happening later in July in the Eccles theater on Main Street.


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