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Wednesday, July 26

New Camera

Hey Gang!

French PressMy new camera arrived yesterday! I've been making up for lost time... 6 megapixels is much better than my older camera, and I think I can even use this one as a webcam. Also, it has a microphone, so I don't have to gesture wildly and make exagerated facial expressions to get my point across in videos I take.

The internship is almost over. Officially, it ends on the 9th, though we were told by our RA that we need to be out of the dorms on the 4th. :( After the internship, my plan is to drive to Wyoming and hang out with my uncle and aunt for a few days. They've lent me one of their vehicles for the summer, and I've already put over 1200 miles on it. By the time the summer is over, I figure I'll have driven over 2200 miles. It's got some problems with the starter, so I have to be careful how many stops I make, but it's been awesome being able to range around Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah!

The BroncoAnyway, back to my uncle's house: Hopefully, I'll finish the electrical work in his addition, adding a new circuit for the master bedroom, and a couple more receptacles on an existing circuit that covers the sewing/computer room. It's going to be a really wired house! Before we put up the tongue and groove paneling on the walls and ceilings, we ran ethernet cable to almost every room in the house. They all terminate in a little closet upstairs, so I'm going to get him an 8-port switch and a wireless router at Walmart. They're really out in the middle of nowhere -- their property is entirely enclosed in National Forest -- so they're getting a high-speed satellite connection to the Internet to go with their television plan. Pretty cool!

After that, my uncle will drop me off in Salt Lake on the 12th, and I'll fly back to Atlanta, where -- hopefully -- Crista and Charlotte will break off from their wild aquarium, library, and Chinese grocery extravaganza long enough to pick me up and head home. ;) Sadly, I'm getting in too late to join them in their fun, but perhaps we'll get to do something in the 2 1/2 weeks before Charlotte and I go back to school.

Take it easy!


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